by Gramma Be

Tough Topics with Skills that Stick

follow up curiculum, kids, bigger kids, big people and professionals too!


A former D.A.R.E. Police Officer, Renee Beese AKA Gramma Be offers a series of children's books filled with solutions & activities that keep our kids safe.  

These tools imprint instinctual responses & remind adults what is most important.

Kid Values that Stick book Series: 

  • You Are IT - power of the mind 
  • My Stranger Belly - trusting our gut instincts to keep us safe
  • That's Not Fair - validate emotions in a split home
  • Suicide Slide - how did I get here
  • I Know! - alcohol and drug use with a twist in attitude and lots of choice 
  • Bully Be - the real story about being bullied
  • Feelings Yuck! - four words that change ease in emotion
  • When I Was Little - the light of happiness in dark days
  • Grandmas Eyes - relationships after death


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