by Gramma Be

Real life topics that support our children becoming fabulous big people while reminding adults what is most important. 


A former D.A.R.E. Police Officer, Gramma Be taught children to resist the temptations of drug use and stay safe with smart ideas.

Continuing her passion to empower kids and adults, she created a series of books with activities that teach in power and choice skills that work, matter and stick.  

The tools we teach become instinctual responses that work in all life situations.

Book Series: 

  • You Are IT - power of the mind 
  • My Stranger Belly - trusting our gut instincts to keep us safe
  • That's Not Fair - validate emotions in a split home
  • Suicide Slide - how did I get here
  • I Know! - alcohol and drug use with a twist in attitude and lots of choice 
  • Bully Be - the real story about being bullied
  • Feelings Yuck! - four words that change ease in emotion
  • When I Was Little - the light of happiness in dark days
  • Grandmas Eyes - relationships after death

Gramma Be's daughter Renee Beese teaches empowering workshops for adolescents, adults and professional service personal.